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Anyone used an eKIC?

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  • Anyone used an eKIC?

    I love the Roland KD-7's, and just now saw Alternate Mode's eKIC (http://www.alternatemode.com/cart/in...dshow&ref=ekic). Is anyone using them, ideally two of them daisy-chained in a double-kick setup,and could you share a few words on how you like it/them?

    I've read the review in digitalDrummer, but the review seems a little clinical and seems to lack a review of a daisy-chain setup.



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    The daisy chain function was not originally included. I use an eKik regularly with my Zendrum and it has proved to be reliable and triggers well. That said, I saw the new Roland kd-10 today and was impressed.
    . digitalDrummer
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      I had an eKIC for a little while when they first came out. I got one of the first TrapKAT 5KS with an eKIC and an eHAT. I loved the eHAT but I had issues with the eKIC. It was so bouncy that if I left my foot down (a.k.a. burying the beater) it would generate two or even three strikes. This was before the Power Dot upgrade appeared and that may address the issue. As an early adopter I ended up returning this entire setup to A.M.
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