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RedBox newbie?

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  • RedBox newbie?

    Hello everyone,

    Got my Pearl RedBox module from guitarcenter today. Incredible deal.

    I'm converting an acoustic kit. I'm connecting the RedBox to ddrum triggers. The will be triggering toms, snare and kick. I'm using Hart mesh heads.

    This is the first time I'm using the triggers and mesh heads, brand new out of the box.

    I connected just the rack toms to tom1 and tom2 inputs on the redbox.

    A silly question. Once the module is turned on, should I not be able to hear whatever is assigned to the drum heads when struck? I do not get any sound output. Is there something in the menus that I need to be turning on to get sound? I've gone through the menus and everything seems to be good to go.

    Is there a way to check this out?

    The module itself seems to be functioning correctly.
    Sonor S-classix birch
    Paiste Dark energy and 2002; Sabian Artisans, Evolutions.
    Mapex ProM ->Edrumin - Mesh - DIY internal triggers;​ Gen16/L80s cymbals

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    Not sure whether this pertains to your particular problem, but in case you haven't seen this:

    NOTE: Out of the box, the RBM-20 module is write-protected, so you will be unable to save any changes
    you make to the Kits, Instruments, Sequences, etc. To turn write protection off:
    1. Press UTILITIES.
    2. Press SYS (F4).
    3. Press O/S (F3).
    4. Press MEM (F4).
    5. Press DEC- / INC+ or move the VALUE/TEMPO DIAL counterclockwise until the "WriteProt"
    field says "OFF."
    6. Press KIT SELECT to return to the main page.
    I could tell you where to stick that piezo! ;)
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      Ok so heres my update.

      The RedBox just did not handle the different triggers adequately. So I returned the module.

      With my buddies Yamaha DTxplorer module (used his Roland RT10's to compare), I was able to use the ddrum triggers, PinTech dual zone crossbar trigger, and PinTech external trap stickon trigger. the ddrum triggers could still use more gain but worked adequately.

      I bought a Roland TD3 module from a forum member. All my hassles with the RedBox disappeared. I'm getting good results with the Ddrum triggers, and PinTech. Overall, the Roland triggers worked the best (although alot more expensive).

      A long road to trial and error, and gained alot of experience doing so. Of course with the help of forum members also.

      Upward and onward. Now for the cymbals.... and maybe later VSTs...
      Sonor S-classix birch
      Paiste Dark energy and 2002; Sabian Artisans, Evolutions.
      Mapex ProM ->Edrumin - Mesh - DIY internal triggers;​ Gen16/L80s cymbals