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Zildjian GEN16 Direct Pickups

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  • Zildjian GEN16 Direct Pickups

    Hi everyone. Around six months ago I bought a Zildjian GEN16 box (13 hihats, 16 crash and 18 ride). I never like that much the sound of the ride. The crash was ok and the hihats were great. When the direct source pickups were released, I bought just one for my ride given that it was the worst sounding cymbal (and at $79 each, I wanted first to try just one). After updating my DCP, the improvement in sound in the ride cymbal was noticeable. I then order two more for the crash and the hihat. One word of caution with the hihat: the direct source will not fit the hihat, if you have the original version of the cymbal. You will need to call Zildjian because you will need to exchange your old bottom hihat cymbal for a new one with an enlarged hole to accomodate the new pickup. Anyway, after changing the old pickups for the new ones, I noticed that, contrary to the Ride cymbal, there was little or no improvement at all in the sound of the crash and the hihat. I returned the direct source pickups and put the old ones back. They were almost the same thing and I could not justify the cost of the new pickups vis a vis the little improvement in sound.

    What are your experiences with the new direct source pickups?

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    I disagree(about the hats anyway)...although a bit "drier" the sound change was significant to my ears...and the added benefit of no external ambiance from the kit and stick noise for unwanted overtones or feedback was definitely a plus. As for the crash...meh...I haven't found a preset or custom setting that I would use yet(if I were gong to replace "traditional" tones that is) I'm sold on the DS over the mic pickups. They work for me. The Access Tool is the key to success for this system....no matter which pickups you are using.
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      Ummm...welcome to the forums? Need to SLOW WAY DOWN buddy...multiple posts and all in the wrong thread is a n00b mistake...let us guide you on your e kit journey. There is already a huge thread about this product. Maybe post these kinds of questions in the Products, Suggestions or Technical threads, then you will get straight up answers from the folks who know. Have you posted an intro in the Foyer yet? Post some pics of your setup! have fun!

      K ;-)
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