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Hi Hat Pedal

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  • Hi Hat Pedal

    Back in 2006 I bought a Roland kit with a FD8 Hit Hat Pedal. After 2 months it was next to useless. After 6 months it was totally useless. Im thinking of buying a new one but before I do I would like to know if they are anygood now. Have they been improved or are they still crap ?????????

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    Before you go dropping the cash on a new one there is a whole thread on here about improvements one can make to the FD-8 - they range from the simple (lubricating the rubber tang) to the slightly more adventurous (drilling holes in the tang, adding tape to the FSR to improve sensitivity).

    Here it is:

    But before you try anything, or buy anything - I would at least do the "vaseline on the tang" trick - a bit of (ideally silicone based) lubricant between the metal pusher and the rubber tang makes a huge difference.

    If you do cop for buying another, look for a used FD-7 - its a way better pedal (though has a bigger footprint)
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      If you can afford it, upgrading to a VH-11 is beyond worth it.
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        I have a very functional FD-8 that I will sell to you for a reasonable price if you're intersted