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    Last edited by SnareAce; 02-06-14, 05:16 PM.

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    TD-3 phone out is a jack 6.35mm, assume it is 1/4 ? so you need a 1/8 to 1/4 adapter.
    Are you sure your floor tom cable is plug in the right place ? Maybe your ride stand is touching your floor tom, so when you hit it, the ride is played too ?
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      Originally posted by SnareAce View Post
      I bought a Roland TD-3, but am unable to use it because my Vic Firth Stereo Isolation Headphones do not fit the jack. Anyone know what size adapter I need to buy? I was told 1/4 to 1/8 but the person wasn't sure.
      The product manual will tell you. But as a short-cut, yes you need a 1/8" to 1/4" adapter which is standard audio equipment available from amazon, ebay, any electricals store and probably a lot of supermarkets.

      Originally posted by SnareAce View Post
      I have an Ipod Speaker that worked with my Roland HD-1 using only an aux cable. Why does that not work with the TD3? What cables do I need?
      The TD3, whilst very basic, is still considered to be a pro-audio device, hence it uses the pro-audio standard 1/4" connections. The HD1 is a consumer electronics product (it's little more than a toy), which is why it uses 1/8" connections. Have a read through your manual for more info. As with the headphones, your Ipod speaker WILL work with the TD3, all you need is the right cable, or the right adapter for the cable you have. Don't expect it to sound good, though...

      Originally posted by SnareAce View Post
      Also, when I hit the floor tom it shows that the ride cymbal is being played as well? Why?? I was told the drums were in good condition so I don't see why that would happen.
      This will almost certainly be because the ride cymbal and the floor tom are both connected to the rack, so when you hit the floor tom, the vibrations are also travelling into the ride cymbal and those are registering at the module as ride cymbal hits. There are trigger settings in the module which allow you to deal with this. Read your manual. This will have nothing to do with "the drums being in good condition so it shouldn't be happening" - it's laws of physics and electronics, and ANY and EVERY electronic kit can be (and needs to be) adjusted correctly to respond to the setup requirements of each individual user.

      You will need to have a LOT more patience than you are currently exhibiting if you are to get the most out of an electronic drumkit. These things take time to learn - do not be afraid to take the time to learn them. And read the manual.


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        everything thst flurbs said.

        The setting you are looking for to eliminate the ride playing when you hit the took is called crosstalk. check the manual (download it if you don't have it) is an easy setting to tweak.
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