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Mapex Falcon Double Pedal 2013

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  • Mapex Falcon Double Pedal 2013

    Hi guys! Happy New Year! Haven't posted anything here for ages mainly because my Tapatalk wouldn't log in so I assumed the forum was still down this whole time!! Shame Tapatalk isn't working since I hardly ever get on a desktop computer these days I guess it's easier just to keep up to date on Facebook pages Sad but true!
    So I'm in the market for a new double pedal and I've decided to pull the trigger on a set of these bad boys! They look awesome!
    Here is a quick unboxing and overview video on the brand new 2013 Mapex PF1000DTW Falcon double bass drum kick pedals. Out of the box, they appear to be very...

    I'm taking a big punt as I'm unable to try them out in person but from everything I've read you can't go wrong. It looks like the new version is better built but it's a little disappointing that you can't interchange cams anymore (glide and pursuit) and that they no longer include the belts in the box but I can't wait to get hold of this pedal and give it a run!
    I haven't been able to find a whole lot of reviews online for this pedal so I'm wondering if anyone that has one or has played one could give me your thoughts on them? Obviously I'm getting them anyway but I would love to hear any feedback good or bad Once I get mine I will do a comprehensive review here and post pics to help out future buyers.

    My background.....I am a bit of a double pedal and GAS addict. My Eliminators have been my favourite pedal as long as I can remember. I have played them over the years with chain and belt drive and swapped back and forth between the black and blue cams. They have always been the pedal that all others have been measured up to. Hence I keep getting new pedals and then realising that I prefer the Elims and go back to them! I guess that's a problem living in a tiny state where music shops hardly keep any stock. I can't actually get my feet on them so I have to actually BUY them to try them out......and let's face it, nothing is like actually playing them on your own kit I went Iron Cobras and just couldn't get on with them, they seemed very heavy and outdated to me....that being said I did buy them used and I think they were an older model, not the newer style with the cobra coil. My mate has a single cobra that feels fantastic but it just didn't seem to transfer to the double.....for me at least. Realised I liked the Elims more....went back to them.
    Next up was Demon Drives, thought they would be the ducks guts but then as many people before me have found out the hard way....Direct Drive feel just wasn't for me and they were too 'light' feeling and the stock beaters were very average. I sold these onto a mate for a cheaper price than normal but I gave him the original Eliminator driveshaft while I kept the DD Z-Link driveshaft (which is a piece of magic by the way) to use with my Elims. The Elims with the Z-Link driveshaft is nearly perfection! I'd never tried DW pedals before so I got a set of DW5000's to try. I really like these pedals in every way, in some ways they feel better than the Elims, definitely a very heavy feel but then I realised that you can make the Elim feel very similar by putting on the black cam and using the DW beaters. Still own the 5000's. I have them setup on my acoustic kit and the Elims setup on my electronic kit atm.
    Borrowed and tried a mates DW9000 the other day and while it was smooth IMHO I think they are way overpriced for what they are not to mention how much space the footboard takes up! Also this pedal was reasonably new and had play in both driveshaft u-joints which to me is unacceptable for a pedal worth that much! Build quality seemed good though. I decided I was keeping my Elims and DW5000's. I feel that the DW driveshaft's and hard plastic cases are a big letdown though. I think on both these fronts Pearl do it MUCH better!

    The thing that I like most about the Mapex Falcon is:
    Small footboard, small footprint (makes positioning hi-hat stand and snare stand a lot easier)
    Ability to swap between belt, chain and direct drive (not that I will use d/d)
    Talon hoop clamp (even if it clamps to a crooked bass drum you pedal will always be flat to the floor) I found the Cobra was worst for this (again IMHO) Don't want to start any wars as everyone has their favourite pedal that works best for them and that's great!
    Interchangeable beater weights!
    Independant adjustment of beater and footboard angle (ala iron cobra)
    The way the springs operate so as they do not bind.
    Sealed ends over driveshaft u-joints. (hopefully there is no play in these driveshafts) as you can tell it's a bit of a pet hate of mine....squeaks being the other!

    Would love to hear from Mapex Falcon users! Thanks in advance and thanks for taking the time to wade through this post!

    Double pedal maintenance is definitely not over-rated!

    Cheers All,



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    Anyone? Hmmm maybe I'll just go back to Facebook where it's at and ask there seeya


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      Tapatalk will be reinstalled after we get the other issues worked out.
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        Thanks Alan, great to know

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        Thanks for that Allan, sounds like a pretty crazy setup! Chain on slave and strap on master plus different cams AND different beaters! Haha wow! Unfortunately with the new version they don't give you interchangeable cams they only have one and that's it. All the other options are there though has this pedal ever been reviewed in dD? I will be sure to post up a thorough review once I get mine! Thanks again