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TD-9 Ver 2 Low Line Output (back to Version 1.10?)

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  • TD-9 Ver 2 Low Line Output (back to Version 1.10?)

    I did do a search but mostly found problems related to the headphone output being too low. I have a TD-9 that I just upgraded to Version 2. After upgrading, I went over to a buddy's house and we tried to play through his PA system. The output of the TD-9 was about 1/4 to 1/3 of what it should be. Or should I say it is about 1/4 to 1/3 of where it was when I had version 1.10. We had the module volume up to 90% and the PA input channel volume up to 90% or so. The sound was normal talking volume level when it should have been blasting. We plugged an acoustic / electric guitar in and it was deafening at half the PA input volume setting.

    So I went to rollback to version 1.10 to compare. I downloaded version 1.10 from Roland's site but when I installed it and booted the system, I got a wave file version mismatch error and the system won't load.

    Does anyone know how to rollback to version 1.10?


    Is there some kind of line level booster I could run between the L/Mono output and the PA system?

    We tried running the headphone output into the PA. It was loud, but very harsh. Like it was missing low end or something. Is there a difference between a headphone signal and the L/Mono signal?

    Any other suggestions?


    - Bill
    TD-25KV, Yamaha DXR15, MG10. Senn 280HD.

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    I really can't believe this has something to do with the upgrade itself, either some volume related settings must have been changed or you using the wrong cable. Yesterday I discovered I needed TRS plug on the TD-9 because it would otherwise output only a mono signal on both channels. But after this change the L+R output volume did seem somewhat lower. I don't mind if it sounds better this way, I just turn up the input volume at the amp side.
    As for the headphone output sounding harsh, maybe the output is just to high for the PA input and maybe the signal gets distorted because of that. Have you tried lowering the volume?
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      Roland support agrees that it is not the upgrade. I'm not a sound guy. I know just enough to plug cables into the PA and set a couple of volume levels. The line in & mic in is something I'm learning more about. As are the unbalanced/balanced workings.

      Anyway, I think we have a couple of paths forward. One is go from L/MONO -> Mic (XLR) in. That seems to produce a lot more volume. The other option is to go L/MONO to one channel and R to another channel. That also produces more volume.

      I'll have an opportunity Saturday to experiment more with other instruments as well. At this point, I think the TD-9 is working normally.

      Oh, I just got my 2Box module. After playing around with it a little bit I plugged it into the PA as well (Line In) and it had about the same volume as the TD-9. So there must be a lot more impedance on the Line In channel as opposed to the Mic In.

      Man, I need a Pro Audio class or 2 or 10...

      TD-25KV, Yamaha DXR15, MG10. Senn 280HD.