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Recording and syncing TD-15/Mac/Audacity

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  • Recording and syncing TD-15/Mac/Audacity

    Hi all,

    I finally have my drums recording good in Audacity on my MacBook from my TD-15KV. I'm doing it with the USB connection between the TD-15 and my Mac. The next thing I need to figure out is how to sync my playing with the song I'm playing to. Right now when I play along I'm using the line in on my drums which I have an iPod connected to. I play on my iPod, goes through the line in on my drums, and I play along - the drums are being recorded on the Mac, but not the song coming from my iPod. Any advice on how to get a recording of the drums and the play along song? I guess I could use the headphone out into the mac - but what if I want to sync a song with my drum track in Audacity? What do you guys do?

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    I would import/drag-and-drop the audio-file of your mp3 player into audacity, onto a separate track! Then, create a new track to record your drums on. This will give you dedicated tracks for both playback and drums, and ensures everything will be in sync.
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      Bingo! except, it's Audacity, not audiocity... he he!

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