I'm in the painful process of trying to chose what kind of e-kit to buy, it's either a A-to-E conversion or a rather lower-range e-kit.
I like the thought behind the TD-4KP, although the rubber pads on it seems to be rather noisy, can anyone confirm this? I know that you can switch the snare to a mesh-head snare, but not the toms. But if you look at this video at 1:52 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7Q3yKtU9gcg it looks like the toms are mounted on the arm like most other kind of pads, is it possible to take these pads of the arms? In that case it wouldn't be impossible to switch all pads to mesh, and hopefully it wouldn't ruin the folding-abilities of the kit.

The rubber pads are the biggest thing keeping me from buying this kit, I think I can survive without the ability to expand the kit.