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  • Live Setup

    If you were going to setup the ekit live, for variety sake, would it be better to setup 1 kit with same the same kick, toms and cymbals and use a variety of snare sounds, set up multiple styled kits trying to balance all the different sounds for each kit. I have modeled 19 kits, but to try and balance them all (espcially with no sound man, might prove cumbersome and time consuming. I was thinking about getting a good overall sound as one kit with a variety of snares for music flavor instead of reinventing the wheel on all kits.

    Oh and I took Grogs and Daniel's suggestion on my TD-12...I use 4 complete outputs now to the board...1 for kick with a separate EQ, 1 for snare with a separate EQ, and the other 2 panned left and right for all the other instruments. It has given me more output control for sure...
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    You have kind answered your own question. Unless you are in a Top-40 cover band, I recommend you get one really dynamite kit dialed in. Then swap out the occasional snare, switch up effect cymbals or add electronic effects as songs require. You might have a version of the same kit played with rods, brushes or with snares off- depending on what you play. Get a good clean punchy sounding kit with minimal effects that really cuts through the mix.


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      You will make the soundman go crazy, if you offer him 19 different kits during a gig, which he will have to get balanced, if you don't already have balanced them out for him...

      Best stick to a complete, well-balanced kit (one kit, maybe two if you're fancy) with a handful of snare alternatives, and maybe two-three different bassdrum sounds.

      Don't make this too hard for the FOH guy ...he has other important signals to take care of!

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        Yep...I agree here on the single kit with with 4 or 5 variations of snares and cymbals....maybe a kick or two if you like. This would have much more variety than almost every A kit out there. Should work very well and be much easier to dial in...even from the stage. Keep it simple. IMHO...you should do as suggested...make them all punchy to easily cut through the mix...but I would keep them a bit "dry" so the ambiance of the venue and the FX on the FOH mixer can be added . IMO this will help them sit better in the mix....no matter what size venue you play.
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