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Rookie questions: TD-4 audio out to MAcbook Pro 13"

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  • Rookie questions: TD-4 audio out to MAcbook Pro 13"

    Hi to all, I really have a problem to get any sound from my drum TD4KP via mbp to my onkyo reciever..I'm using cable 6,3 to 3,5 to connect td4 module with mbp (I already set that my audio port act like sound input, and my sound output is onkyo avr (mini display port to hdmi), but can't hear any sound on my reciever. Anyone knows how to fix this? Thanks in advance! P.S. I'm complete beginner in drum world

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    I'm guessing it's more a Mac thing than a drum thing. Did you select, in System Preferences, the display port as output for your Mac? Also, the Line In for input?
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      I suppose that it's a Mac thing...yes, I selected in System Preferences Audio port for input, and Output is display port (Onkyo AVR HDMI). Maybe I don't understand how that is suppose to work...My wish is to play along with some songs (drum cover), and to listen all through my AVR and speakers attached to it.