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Alesis Trigger IO + SD2 for Roland Pads & Cymbals - good idea?

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  • Alesis Trigger IO + SD2 for Roland Pads & Cymbals - good idea?

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    Welcome to the forum, 23x42!

    The tricky part here is that you already have a combination of VH-11 and FD controller, which means you're bound to something like

    - a TD-9 (roughly 350 bucks used)
    - a TD-4 (200 used), or
    - a TD-11/15 (new).

    You already have pads; What happened with the original module? Have you bought all the pads individually?

    It would absolutely make more sense to save money for a Roland drum module! The Alesis simply has issues when using mesh pads.


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      Hello 23x42,
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        Thank you both for your kind replies!
        Yes, I bought the parts individually (used on eBay) to save money. Okay, I guess the Alesis won't cut it then.
        Thanks for the hint to the Megadrum project, this is just what I was looking for! Soldering and such is always fun, great way to combine hobbies.
        I'll do some more research on Megadrum but I think I'll go for it - AWESOME!

        Kind regards