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Ordered a Pintech Phoenix 14" Snare Drum Pad

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  • Ordered a Pintech Phoenix 14" Snare Drum Pad

    I needed a bigger snare then the 10" one I was using so I ordered the new Pintech 14" snare drum pad. I love Pintech for two reasons, they work amazing and the guts (trigger, foam, and head) are all replaceable for super cheap. I'll give a review when it arrives. I have the TD 30 and the other pintech pads have been amazing with it.

    Side note, I have 2 pintech 10" pads for sale if anyone needs them. A single zone (90 bucks) and duel zone (100 bucks), both inside guts are about 2 months old. Great pads.

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    Cool. Congrats! We def want pics when you get it.

    FWIW......When you hit the appropriate amount of posts...don't forget to post your pads for sale in the Classifieds forum. You'll stand a better chance of selling them there.
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      Most definitively a big 'Congrats!' on your new Pintech pad!

      Regarding other pads (maybe excluding Yamahas' sliicon), don't you think heads, cones, piezos and foam are just as easy replaceable? ...maybe not as cheap, but I've seen a whole lot of fine pad- and cymbal-repair jobs on the forum, over all these years!

      Happy Drumming!

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        Hey Hairmetal,

        Not really sure if Roland has replaceable guts for the mesh pads that users themselves can replace. That said, the pintech just needs a couple of easily ordered and replaceable parts from their web site and the owners themselves answer the phone or email if you call or email in.
        I'm totally sold on pintech. And my TD 30. I use it everyday, added the rock vex, and have the whole kit complete except I want to upgrade my ride to a 3 zone roland cymbal.
        I've been upgrading slowly since I ordered my TD 30.
        I have 5 Pintech 10" tom pads, now I'll have the 14" snare, a pintech 10" bass drum, the roland 13 hats (SUPER EXPENSIVE, but worth it), 2 cy 8 cymbals (one as a ride and one as a crash), and a hybrid roland and other parts for the rack.
        I use it to play along with everything from Count Basie to Toto.
        I'm in a rock band and use acoustic drums live, so for now it's home use only but I want to start using them to record instead of going in the studio.


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          Thank you for your order! We do appreciate your support. I would love to hear your thoughts on the new snare. Please let me know if you have any questions regarding it. We've had nothing but positive feedback on it, and people really love the larger size combined with some of our new technology


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            I know this post is ancient, but does anyone have info on whether the Phoenix snare is significantly louder (ambient room sound of stick on head) than a standard e.g. Roland mesh pad?