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Two hits at the same time eliminates one sound

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  • Two hits at the same time eliminates one sound

    Okay, here's something strange happening.
    Every time when I hit the ride and snare at the same time, the ride does not give a sound.
    Changing the cable does not have effect. Changing the drummodule does not either. Chanching the cymbal does.

    This my setup (I stripped the set to disqualify other faults)

    Roland TD-8, Hart pro snare and a Yamaha PCY 155 on the ride input ( this is the setup where de ride does not sound when hit it at the same time with the snare center).
    I placed the PCY155 in to another port (AUX) where it functioned fine. I placed a Millenium mono cymbal in the ride port. This solved the problem. But when i plug in a DIY hi-hat (two piezo hi-hat) my snare rim does not sound when I hit my hi-hat at the same time. This mysterious thing seems to be random and more complicated when i plug in more pads.

    When I plug in pads and cymbals to a Alesis trigger i/o, the same things are happening randomly in different ports.

    Now there's somting else what concerns me: I have a few DIY toms, some with 1 and others with two piezo's (hit and rim). When I grab one tom with two piezo's at the metal rim between my fingers the td-8 a is triggering rapidly the tom sound. Is this because of grounding problems?

    The stranges problems drives me nuts so if anyone can give me some advice (other then: buy Roland pads) it would be verry appreciated.

    Apologies for my poor English

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    Oh, sorry. Forgat to introduce myself. I am a new member. Hope you can give my some advice.


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      Usually the cancelling out of one sound when playing two pads at the same time is because of Crosstalk settings. For a test try turning crosstalk off for all zones of your Ride and see what happens. Could be a ground problem as far as the other problem you mentioned, also try a new audio cable, and try running a grounded extension cord from another outlet that is not on the same circuit as the one you are currently plugged into. Plug into the other circuit and see if you still have the problem.
      I could tell you where to stick that piezo! ;)
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        Hi wandiwen, and welcome!
        I agree with Jman that it sounds like crosstalk cancellation being too aggressive. That would be the first thing to rule out.
        West London, UK.
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          Oke, thanks guys. I will check the other cicuit out first. Haven't thought about this. Then I will play with the crosstalk again. If the problem solves I will get back here.
          Great forum! Proud to be a member.


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            When I first set up my Alesis DM8 pro kit, I had the same problem when playing floor tom and snare at the same time - it was the crosstalk settings and once sorted, have had no trouble since. Try adjusting settings in the module & it will surely sort you out.


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              The problems seem to be solved :-) I canceled all crosstalk settings (all Off) on all pads. All sounds on all pads could be played without eliminations.
              Then I carefully started to adjust some crosstalk on the ride because this cymbal had some serious crosstalk problems from the toms (they are on the same stand). With a setting aprox 35 the crosstalk stopped without having sound eliminations. The Yamaha PCY-155 is also working oke now on the ride port. The PCY-155 has a peculiar thing off choking now and then and also replace some bell hits with bow sounds. But that is a common issue I have read here when using Yamaha cymbals with Roland modules.
              The 'grounding' problems just disappeared. Why? I do not know. But an extra extension is ready to use when it pops up again.
              ​Thanks so much guys for your advice!