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Convert A to E or go Jobeky/Diamond Drums ? Help please!

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  • Convert A to E or go Jobeky/Diamond Drums ? Help please!

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    I think 1.5x1m would be enough ...

    BTW, if you'll be ordering an effect cymbal pack, I could send you an intrigg to try out. Pretty sure you won't need resistors ...
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      My DIY kit was too hot for my Yamaha module, so I just installed pots to each pad and it was easy to trim for the perfect sensitivity. For the looks of a big kick when going live, without the hassles of carrying a whole kick drum, I cut mine in half and slide it under the rack. Looks like a big kick. I'm not telling you shouldn't spend your money on a Jobeky or Diamond kit if you itchy to open your wallet, but know there are ways of tweaking a DIY build to make it perform pretty much as well as any OEM pads.
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        I agree with perceval here. If money is an issue...DIY. It's not all that difficult especially with all the great info on the forum. If not.....Diamonds(or others ) is a nice way to add that custom look and quality to your kit. Either is a great choice.
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          Seeing that Drumtec mesh-heads are on your shopping-list: Have you considered their Drums (Pro-S series/Pro series/Diabolo series) as well ?


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            Thanks for all the suggestions!
            I will consider all of them and start planning :-) I will start a new thread when I start building or buying stuff :-)