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TD 12 Module snare issue

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  • TD 12 Module snare issue


    I switched on my TD12 , & the snare (head only) all my kits sounded weird - lack of bass, & a "skanky/pitch-bendy" kinda reverb (I have little or no muffling)
    All other parts of the kit sounded fine.

    Tried a different pad into the snare input, no change
    Tried my spare TD12 module - snare sounded fine

    Ended up doing a factory reset - that seemed to fix it - & reloaded my kits, and tho' I still needed some tweaks to get back to where I started, it's now working as usual.

    Just wondering if anyone else has experienced this . . .


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    Never experienced but I do remember reading on here some time ago of that problem and a reset fixing it.
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