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Need 5th Tom Help -TD-30

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  • Need 5th Tom Help -TD-30

    I added a 5th tom to my TD-30. I have pintech pads. They work amazing. The tom is suppose to be an 8" sound. I just tune the tom to the 10" sound, then tighten the head about 30 notches. Sounds great, but it's a but muffled compared to the other toms. It's in the Aux 1 slot. Any way to get it louder like the other toms? All the settings seem to be the same otherwise.

    Thanks in advance!

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    Figured it out. I'm dumb. I had the bass drum fader down because it's a little too lively, then when I switched the faders to the bottom faders to make the metronome softer, it switched the fader from the bass drum to the AUX 1, which I had turned down. Hence making the hi tom softer.