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TD-30KV purchase... where, how, why, etc

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  • TD-30KV purchase... where, how, why, etc

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    Congratulations on your inheritance, macarina! - it appears you made quite a buck!

    The best value for the money would be a new TD-30 module, and the rest bought Used (cymbals, rack, pads) combined.

    As to 'Why':
    You prefer Modeling over Sampling. You are already familiar with navigating a TD-module. You have some completely different reason.
    Hence you will know why, if you set your sight on a TD-30. Happy bargain Hunting!

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      Also...don't forget about RMC http://www.rmcaudiodirect.com/ Calling them usually yields the lowest prices that the others struggle/or reluctant to match.
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        I get the best price always from RMC!!

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      I agree RMC and also try Sweetwater (SW used to deal better in the past than they do now not sure what changed).
      Good Luck
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