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SPD-S with External pads can't make Patch+/Patch- work

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  • SPD-S with External pads can't make Patch+/Patch- work

    Calling all wizards...

    I already know how to make the integrated pads on the SPD-S advance up or down a patch.

    Problem is it won't seem to let me do that from external triggers.

    It doesn't matter whether I directly plug the external pads into the Trig1/2 jack or use midi through my TMC-6 or PM-16. Midi mapping is correct. The sounds trigger correctly but I can't crack the code on using the external triggers as (patch+/patch-) switches.

    I'm actually trying to be able to have a hand clap follow my acoustic snare trigger only during certain parts of a song for instance.

    The Roland technician suggested that the only way to do that was to create a blank patch adjacent to the one I really want to use, and use a couple more triggers to (real time, in the middle of a song) to advance it (patch+) to the blank patch when I didn't want the clap and use the other trigger to bring it back (patch-) when I needed the clap.

    I've tried the Velocity and Wave A/B methots for SW and they are too finicky for live performances with acoustic triggers.

    I would appreciate any clarification or best practices if anyone has it...


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    It should be exactly the same to set an external pad for Patch +/- at SETUP, Ctrl SW as for internal pads, if directly connected to Trig 1/2.

    If via MIDI from a TMC-6 or PM-16, you would have to set MIDI PRG CHG to the actual patch number(s), rather than +/- (TMC-6, Page 24).

    A foot switch may be easier/better though, as then you could positively switch from Wave A (Clap) to Wave B (OFF) without changing patches.

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