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Is a TD-30 xhat possible?

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  • Is a TD-30 xhat possible?

    Does anyone know how to take a hi hat "instrument" off of the foot pedal control on a TD-30? I have my old Hart ecymbal hi hat cymbal that I'd like to use as a permanently closed xhat, but all of the hi hat selections on the instrument menu link it to the foot pedal and leave it open. I'm using a vh11 as the main hat

    Any ideas? I've tried altering the trigger through many of the existing pad types, but it just seems to be locked in on the hi hat instrument choice.


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    Welcome to the forum, Widening Gyre!

    You can set any cymbal/pad as a second hat and control it with the same controller. You can't setup a second controller, but you control the aux-hats with the main-hats.

    If you want to use a fixed aux-hat:
    You can just lock or set the sound of the second set of hats in the closed position by set it to [Fixed] in the menu. You could use a separate footswitch to select 'Fixed' - although using a switch for 'Fixed Hats' selects closed only. No slosh. Just tight.

    if you fix hats with a foot switch it affects all hats; you can't change that, it'll affect any hi-hat sound on the module (including your main), but by fixing the hats in the menu, you can get a second (closed) sound, without having to use a switch in the first place!

    That's it to the best of my knowledge; Hope this helps.

    Happy Drumming!
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      Thanks. Knowing a name to look for helped me see what was right in front of me.