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Triggera Krigg - request recommended trigger settings for Alesis DM5Pro?

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  • Triggera Krigg - request recommended trigger settings for Alesis DM5Pro?

    Hi guys,

    I bought a Krigg V2 beaterless bass trigger about 3 months ago and haven't been able to get happy with it on my Alesis DM5 Pro.

    I've learned a lot of things around here and had fun converting my kit successfully to billy blast mesh heads, hellfire style, and dampening vibrations through my rack but my limited though still learning technical skills seem to be holding me back from getting the best out of this Krigg trigger.

    My bass drum channel trigger settings on the DM5 are
    Gain: 67%
    V Curve #5 (more aggressive curve weighted more towards higher volume)
    Crosstalk: 73%
    Decay: 25%
    Noise: 25%

    At both stock settings and these I couldn't get it to trigger reliably. I have it set up with my chain drive Tama HP30 pedal - http://www.tamadrum.co.jp/product/ha...ar=2013&area=3 . After trying it directly on the Krigg, I've put an adhesive felt pad about 4mm thick on the rubber as the bottom of the Tama pedal has some pointy metal protruding. I've tried the Krigg at various heights along it's adjustment and settled for just off the bottom. I've put some EVA foam under the pedal as a mat to dampen impact vibration to the floor.

    Essentially when i trigger it, I'm lucky to have every second hit actually make any sound at all. Moderate velocity hits trigger a full kick volume, harder ones usually don't trigger any sound though sometimes trigger softer volumes. The DM5 works fine with it's standard bass drum plugged into that channel.

    I'm worried I either don't understand the trigger parameters well enough or might have a faulty unit. Any suggestions, or suggested trigger settings on the DM5?

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    I'm not familiar with alesis modules, but the curve you chose seems pretty strange ... Have you tried other curves? Also, you may try decreasing the crosstalk (and maybe raising the gain).
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      Welcome to the forum, icephyre!

      Try and hook up with forum-member 'Hellfire', he's our resident Alesis-specialist - ...and moderator of the Alesis-forum 'dmdrummer.com'!
      The advice from Alesis-man 'Hellfire', together with input from 'da Man' himself, 'Triggera', should get you on your way to have a nicely performing Krigg in conjunction with your DM5 module!

      Happy Drumming!

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        Guys thanks very much for your input, followed the advice did a little more tweaking, very happy with the result. It's probably not perfect yet but it's very usable - responsive, accurate, consistent, and good dynamic range. I kept it on the more aggressive curve as I like to get a pretty consistently loud kick drum and not have to hit the pedal hard...

        Now on:
        Gain: 58%
        Curve: 5
        Crosstalk: 38%
        Dec: 80%
        Noise: 51%

        very happy.