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Need help with custom setting

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  • Need help with custom setting

    Hi all, first timer here.

    My church just bought td-30k and basically told me to figure it out and make it sound good for the church band. It is my first time playing on a e-kit, so I know it will take some time to get used to. But I cound't find a kit that sounds good for church musics. Would anyone please suggest or share your custom kit settings? We usually play rock, jazz, an country (or somewhere in between). I tried Nashville kit yesterday since it was the best sounding kit to my ears from the lists, but it did not go very well. Any suggestions would be appriciated. Thank you very much.

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    Oh, my name is Sam by the way. From Michigan.


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      Welcome to the forum, Sam!

      Don't know what sound you're after, but take a look at the article about 'Tweaking your TD-30', published in the August 2013-issue, page 32, of 'Digital Drummer' magazine!


      Happy Drumming!

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        Definitely read the Digital Drummer article which will help you dial in your kit. Also take a look at the VEX packs from V Expressions (http://www.vexpressionsltd.com/). The take the standard factory settings/kits to a whole new level. If you don't want to spend hours tweaking, then spend $50 and grab a pack. I bought the Strike pack for my TD30, couldn't be happier.

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