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Drum tec vs jobeky vs diamond

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  • Drum tec vs jobeky vs diamond

    Has anybody has experience with any or all of these drums of so how would you rank them and why?

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    We tested two of the three in our snare head2head...
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      I use Diamonds and they are superb. There is a thread here, so search for 'official Diamond' to get the fan thread. Jobeky's are popular with many people enthusiastic about them. Dont know about drum tec.
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        Owner of a Jobeky, powered with both 2Box and Roland TD-12. Triggering is fine, just a bit hot, but easily solved by tweaking sensitivities. I use the Z-Ed mesh heads, that could be the major are for improvement, as a bit bouncy in my opinion (main concern is on snare, but easy to solve with a DDT or Roland mesh). Finishes are pretty nice and well done. I've got a bunch of Roland PD-125, 105, etc and no major problems to move from there to the Jobeky. Other point that requires a bit of tweaking is kick, as tends to bounce and get kick pedal handling a bit frustrating, but very easy to fix just adding a block of high density foam close to the sensor....

        Look on stage is superb, nothing to do with the typical electronic look.....


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          I will take sides with Drum-tec, just because...

          Not heard much about Jobeky to be honest, but my #1 rank would be hard-fought by either Drum-tec or Diamond. Diamond is more the custom shop, and if I wanted a truly unique instrument, built to my exact specifications, I certainly would go with Dave's.

          Drum-tec on the other hand, to the best of my knowledge, is more towards 'off-the-shelf' drumkits - But that would likely be what I will want for a converted A-to-E. If only for bypassing the oh so G.A.S.-inflicting procedure of 'what will I choose...?' a bit when it comes to complete custom-made drums!

          Do not forget, Drum-tec's main purpose is being a drum-store! You basically have a 'one-stop-shop' solution for everything 'Electronic Drums' (!!!)

          I mean, just take a LOOK!

          Really, what else should I tell you?

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          • Cheddies
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            They do look lovely. Really like those 2-box cymbals on the sparkle kit

          • hairmetal-81
            hairmetal-81 commented
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            Ahh, you've noticed!

            I'm wondering, why they offer 'Red Sparkle' but haven't considered 'Orange Sparkle' yet....

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          I own a Jobeky Kit (20, 10, 14 and 14 snare) and they are great, once dialled into the module they are a pleasure to play.

          The finish is superb, hardware looks great and they appear to be well made. I agree about the bass drum, I put a little foam in there and its brilliant.