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TD-20 or TD-15KV-S

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  • TD-20 or TD-15KV-S

    I am looking at getting a set of electronic drums. Budget is $2500-3000 I am new to drumming and of course would like acoustic but I think electronic will fit the neighbors better. So I can find TD-20 used but am needing to know if the new super natural is that much better. That's why I was thinking TD-15KV-S. I was thinking of later upgrading the control to a TD-30 if I get the TD-20 but as far as I understand the drums are different too. So if I understand this correct I would need to upgrade the drums to make use of the supernatural technology. For those of you who know more about this and have played on both what would you do? TD-30 is out of my price range right now. My other option is to get the TD-15KV-S and upgrade to the TD-30 control later.

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    Welcome to the forum, OC Drummer!

    At the generous budget of $2500-3000, have you considered a 2box Drumit Five kit?
    You can pretty much save yourself the need to upgrade modules, because all the 2box updates are free of charge, this includes the module's operating software, the editor-software for your computer, and the free samples on the 2box website, that you can load into your module! - together with hundreds of other drumsounds from all the various VST software programs that are available out there!

    As a rule of thumb, we always say to 'get the most module you can afford.' So that would be more in favor of the TD-20 than the TD-15, which has some serious shortcoming in the expandability-department.

    At the price-point of the TD-15KV kit, the 2box is really the next closest contender, that blows even the TD-20 out of the water, loaded with proper quality VST samples! Strongly give it a consideration!

    Happy Drumming!

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