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Used kit advice - TD-4kx2 vs TD-11kx

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  • Used kit advice - TD-4kx2 vs TD-11kx

    I sold my TD-3 kit a couple months ago with the intention of upgrading. After a long time without a kit I have now potentially be presented with two options. I'm only looking to buy used at the moment as my budget won't extend to a new kit so both options are used.

    Locally I have both a TD-4kx2 and a TD-11kx advertised. The TD-11 kit is priced at $400 (AUD) more than the TD-4, however I think I could probably get the TD-11 a bit closer in price (maybe $200-300 more than the TD-4) with a bit of haggling (the TD-4 price is firm btw).

    Since both sets of hardware are identical (KD-9, PDX-8's, PDX-6's, CY-12, CY-13 etc.), the difference in money comes down to the module differences. I've done some preliminary research here and it does seem that the consensus is that the TD-11 is a superior module due to the Supernatural modelling.

    My question is, how much more would you pay for a TD-11 over a TD-4? Are the differences worth a few hundred dollars or would I be better off going for the cheaper kit?

    As for my background, I'm primarily a guitarist that decided to take up drums as a side hobby. I'm still awful at it but I enjoy playing the drums. While, I didn't necessarily need an upgrade from the TD-3, I was keen on getting some mesh pads over rubber for the playability and reduced acoustic noise. Due to it only being a fun hobby, I doubt that I will ever upgrade to any of the super-high-end kits in the future so what I get would likely stick around for the foreseeable future.

    I will primarily use the in-built sounds but will also occasionally use the kit to trigger VSTs on my mac to record in Garageband. I'll also probably be picking up a copy of the DT-1 drum tutor so connectivity to a computer is important to me. I also used to run music from my iphone through the aux in on the TD-3 so that's another thing that I consider valuable (I know that both kits have aux ins but I do like that you can load music onto a USB drive on the TD-11 to play with).

    So with all that info, just how much better is the TD-11 module compared to the TD-4, is it worth paying a few hundred more for? What are the main advantages of the TD-11?

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    While the hardware on both sets isn't bad, personally I wouldn't go with either of the modules new.
    Instead, look at a (used) TD-9 module. You will get more module-bang for your hard-earned AUD money!

    You can even bypass the PDX pads, if you like, by looking into a TD-9 KX2... which comes with a PD-85 toms and a nice PD-105 snare!


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      I would go for the TD11 for about $200 more. The SuperNatural modeling does a much nicer job with snare buzz rolls and cymbal rolls/swells. IMO it's important to have those.

      Hope this helps.
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