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Which USB flash drive for TD-11?

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  • Which USB flash drive for TD-11?

    Need a USB flash drive for my TD-11 and couldn't get much information online. Anyone have any suggestions as to what would work? I'd like get the V-expression package before I lay out the dough for a new laptop and audio interface. I'm assuming I can upload the VEX to my computer put it on the flash drive and then into the module on the TD-11. I was here a few years ago and had to sell my E-kit. Now things are looking up, better job and I can hang on to what I've got without trepidation. Any info on what you use would be greatly appreciated, thanks -


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    Try a few.
    Most work, some don't.
    Many of us find the 'brand name' versions work most reliably (Sandisk, etc.) and the cheaper no-name/unknown name brands can be a bit sketchy.
    I'm running several TDK and Sandisk ones, but my regular (always plugged in with drumless tracks on it) is a Lexar.


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      I used a 4gb 'integral' flash drive I had laying around and it worked a charm - to the point that I didn't even realise that some had issues until you mentioned it. I will dig around for a few more I have hanging around and report back what works and what doesn't.
      West London, UK.
      TD-11 module | DTXplorer rack | 3 x tp65 | 12" millenuim mesh head snare | cy-5, pcy65s and pcy150 cymbals | fd8 hh | krigg kick trigger w/ mapex raptor pedal.


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        Thanks guys - FM


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          [I'm a little late on this, but...]

          Couple days ago I've posted this:

          "I didn't find an USB-stick compatibility list especially for the TD-30, unfortunately....
          (...or in your case especially for the TD-11...)

          ....but there is one for the TD-9 module, maybe they are pretty interchangeable...:



          "My best friends' name is J-SON. They used to call him 'Mr. Parse.' He has an 'Error'..!"



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            Very helpful, thanks for the info -