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Audio Interface Recommendation

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  • Audio Interface Recommendation

    I used to record myself with Audacity on my old laptop by just running a cable from my TD20X module into the mic input on my laptop. Now I have a new laptop (Dell Inspirion 17) that has no mic input. I tried using the headphone jack, as I heard it can sometimes also function as an input, but I cannot get it to work - there is no option in the audio controls that I could find to allow me to use the jack for anything other than headphones, speakers, or a headset (i.e., no "line-in" or "mic" option). I know next to nothing about recording on computers, but the guys at GC say I need an audio interface to go from the module into the USB on my laptop. I only record a handful of times a year, and am not too concerned with recording quality, as it is mostly just a learning tool for myself. I see audio interfaces for a little as $30 (Behringer U-Control UCA202) to several hundreds and up. Can anyone recommend an inexpensive interface for my purposes? Thanks all.

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    Kraft Music has a nice 'Focusrite Scarlet Bundle'!

    It includes a small USB-Interface, a large-diaphragm condenser microphone, a pair of headphones that are said to be based off the popular AKG K271, and even some other accessoires. Maybe this is something for you!


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      It really depends how many input channels you want. The cheaper ones generally have a lower number of channels so if stereo (2 channels) is all you need, then a cheaper model is fine. Obviously the more money you spend the more inputs you'll get in addition to additional features and higher specs (eg. sampling rate options).

      As an example, I just bought a Roland Studio Capture ($1000ish Aussie dollars) which has 16 inputs, allowing me to make full use of all the outputs on my TD30 (8 + 2) plus being able to plug guitars and mics all at the same time. It also allows me to have 4 separate and customisable monitor mixes which works well for our 3 piece band (one monitor mix for each person with one spare (could be used for FOH).

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      • perceval
        perceval commented
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        He did say "inexpensive" and to record only once a while...

      • campster
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        True, I did say go cheap if the OP only wanted two channels ;-) Mixing/recording drums on only two channels does reduce flexibility to alter the sounds after the recording.

        Another cheap option could be a MIDI interface to get the separate drums into the DAW or similar.

      • hairmetal-81
        hairmetal-81 commented
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        If it was a given, that OP had a budget of $1000, he could have had a used RME Interface, would have the best converters there are at this pricepoint, digital ADAT I/O expandability, NO proprietary power cord,

        ...and still would have $300 to 400 leftover, to buy all necessary cables or a decent quality studio microphone!

        But then he has NOT that budget! So no point there in recommending a TOTL interface. He is using it "only a handful of times a year", anyway!

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      I bought one of those little USB pre-amp box, namely the ART USB Dual Pre.

      It is a great little preamp, that will allow you to record 2 channels into your computer via USB.
      The sound quality actually amazes me every time, especially at that affordable price!

      It doesn't need power if you plug it in a USB port, but can also work as a standalone with a power plug or even a 9-volt battery.

      Check it out!
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