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Yamaha vs. Roland cymbals for use with Roland module

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  • Yamaha vs. Roland cymbals for use with Roland module

    I'm in the planning stages of my next DIY drum based kit. I'm considering both the Roland TD-20X module and the TD-12 module. As far as cymbals go, my experience is with a TD-12 module, using a CY-13R for a ride, (2) CY-12R/C's as crashes, and the VH-12 HH. I bought them in used in excellent condition for around $825. I'm thinking about going the same route again. I'm also considering going with Yamaha cymbals this time. I would need a ride, two crashes, and a HH. Anyone care to chime in on the pros and cons of this decision? I believe I could save money with the Yamaha cymbals but will there be compatability/performance issues to consider?
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    The Yamaha RHH hihat could be troublesome on a TD module. Maybe not the pad itself, but generally, controller-pedals seem to be picky.

    The PCY-155 as a ride will work (with some limitations maybe), but you will have to mod it first.

    The Yamaha PCY-135 crashes work fine. Lots of members using them. Highly recommended!


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      I would stick with a Roland ride unless you like DIYing a new jack on a PCY cymbal to get the Bow and Bell to sound. Otherwise, for crashes, the PCY-135 works great on Roland modules. I believe the Rolands trigger the slightest bit better, though nothing drastically noticeable, but the Yamaha's are easier to choke than the Roland cymbals. I like the look of the Roland cymbals over the Yamahas but for the price, the Yamaha's are a great deal.
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        +1 for the Yami 135....