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Recommendations for Recording (Video+Audio) - TD9

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  • Recommendations for Recording (Video+Audio) - TD9

    Hi All,

    So I'm trying to do a simple recording of myself playing my TD9 KX2. Unfortunately my setup to do this is far from simple so I would gladly welcome some suggestions! My current setup is a Canon Elph camera on a tripod that captures the video and the sound is being recorded by a 1/4" mono cable that goes from the mono out on the TD9 module into a Fast Track Pro (which in turn plugs into my Macbook pro via USB). I'm recording that audio into Adobe Audition. So far this works ok but as you can imagine, I need to grab the video from my Canon Elph, save the audio from Adobe Audition and then combine these two in a video editing tool (I've been using Adobe Premiere) to finally output a video file that has the TD9 audio aligned with my recorded video. This is a HUGE pain in the butt and I'd very much appreciate suggestions from others who capture themselves playing the drums.

    My suspicion is that I need a video camera that can take audio input so that I can feed the output from the TD9 (or maybe the Fast Track Pro) directly into the input of the camera. But maybe there's something else I can do to make this easier that I'm missing entirely? If I do need to buy a better camera, I'm hoping for something reasonably inexpensive and easy to use.

    The other thing I'd mention here (which is perhaps a bit of a separate issue) is that the recorded tom sounds don't seem to have the dynamics of what I'm hearing in my headphones while playing. So while I can hear softer hits as different from harder hits on the toms, the audio output seems to muddle these together at almost one level so it's very hard to hear any kind of syncopated staccato where some sounds are just louder or softer. I'm not sure if this is a byproduct of using a mono 1/4" cable instead of a stereo one or some other issue with my setup but again, I would welcome suggestions for a better setup overall that will hopefully fix this issue and be more sensitive to the different velocities I'm hitting the drums with.
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    I do something similar, but also very different

    1) record video
    2) play a bunch of drumless tracks into my sound card -> ends up recorded as Track 1 into Reaper
    3) play my TD20X to the drumless track (#2 is mixed in with monitoring enabled) -> ends up recorded MIDI as Track 2 with Superior Drummer

    a) do a bit of mixing in Reaper to get drumless + Superior onto a single AAC file (make sure you like how it sounds)
    b) load up the recording from #1 into iMovie
    c) ditch its audio track (because it sounds like sticks hitting rubber - ha!)
    d) add and line up the AAC file (A/V sync) from (a)
    e) export movie to MOV file
    f) extract each song out of the MOV file with Mpeg Streamclip (no quality loss)

    I do multiple songs in one take (about 1h worth) because it's quite painful. Resulting quality is good.


    -- Greg


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      Thanks for sharing! Interesting approach. But I'm still wondering...is there a way to capture everything at the same time to avoid the step of aligning video with audio? What do others people do?


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        Originally posted by jgordon00 View Post
        Thanks for sharing! Interesting approach. But I'm still wondering...is there a way to capture everything at the same time to avoid the step of aligning video with audio? What do others people do?
        To capture A+V at the same time you have to get the audio output of your kit into the audio input of your video camera. You've already tried that I think, with limited results.
        My guess is that the input of the camera is not optimized for drum sounds (or music in general), but instead processes the signal for best capturing of voice and reduce noise all around (wind, etc), so you'll have funny sounding stuff if you let the signal processor of your video camera do its job on your drum signal...

        -- Greg