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CY5 3 zones used as extra cymbal

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  • CY5 3 zones used as extra cymbal

    Ok I have a question... I have the TD11 kit and there is 1 extra input to add another cymbal or drum. Can I use the CY 5 cymbal and be able to use all three zones? I wanting to add the bell and cow bell, etc... type sounds.

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    The CY-5 is not a 3 zone vymbal. Only the CY-12R, 13R, and 15R cymbals are 3 zones. The CY-5 has 2 zones (bow and bell) that you can trigger in your extra input.
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      OK, so I mispoke sorry about that, the question is if I plug one into the extra input will I be able to program the 2 zones to play whatever sound I want?


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        @Tommy_D: lapsus scribae, I guess ... It's bow and edge.
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          So, yes, you can add the Cy-5 as your extra cymbal on the TD-11 and set the 2 zones (not 3 zones) to whatever sounds you like.
          I could tell you where to stick that piezo! ;)
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            Fantastic, Thank you, I thought I could but I was unsure. This is my first Roland kit and so far I am loving it.


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              Dafintn...how about a nice intro with pics in the FOYER section? Welcome to the Forums!

              K ;-)
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