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Too many electonic drum options - my head is gonna pop

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  • Too many electonic drum options - my head is gonna pop

    Hi all and thanks in advance!

    I've been a percussion fan forever and have played various hand drums and have some great stuff, but could never muster the courage to do an acoustic kit, I don't want to make that much noise while learning. I bought what might have been the first consumer DTX kit waaaay back in the day (in 2000 or 2001 I think) . The triggers were lousy and the module was limited but I got by until it frustrated me so much that I stopped playing - it's been in boxes ever since. Guess I should dust it off and sell it.

    Now that e-drums have evolved so nicely, I want one but have so many dizzying questions. I'll just rattle off a handful here and if you have any opinions or guidance, I would REALLY appreciate any input.

    1. My desire is to just plunk down the moola and buy a TD-15KV, I would love the VH13 hi-hat, but have been told it's a kit and they cannot separate.

    2. I have seen some folks doing DIY stuff using Quartz triggers and that seems like fun but I have little time for that and do have the $, so I'm leaning toward a pre-built kit

    3. V-kits have been out for a while and I worry a little about buying now as I don't wanna get burned when new ones come out (I'm not in a huge rush), but I cannot find anything at all about new product

    4. I see so many singing the praises of Vexing and just assume I'll do the same, but see only 1 module for the TD-15, so was wondering if there's some other 'magic' combination of brain and pads that I should consider. I am leaning toward a TD-15 module based kit because of the SuperN processing, but that's just me reading and falling for marketing.

    5. Part of me feels that if I'm asking question 4 and have no idea, then I should just shut up and buy the TD-15KV and call it a day. Just worried I might be locking myself into something that everybody knows about but me.

    Thank you!!!!!

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    You are quite correct...there are lots of very nice affordable options out there these days.....Roland...2Box modules have both been in my line up. Overall for price point and sound quality...the 2Box won out for my needs. I have never played one of their full kits though as I DIY all my kits from acoustic shells using Quartz parts.

    Though I have never owned a TD-15KV I have played one(it was much better...IMHO... than the Yamaha 540 that was next to it)...but I then bought the TD-30 module. That said..the 15 is a nice module but it does have it's limitation for expansion and such that I will let more informed members comment on the specific details. (Saku...are you out there?) +1 for VEXing any Roland module. It's well worth the small extra purchase.

    Nowadays..finding something worth playing is much easier than it used to be...just be patient and do your homework before you pull the trigger......and you'll find exactly what you need to suit your needs. Have fun!
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    • scottyx
      scottyx commented
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      Thank you for your input, Daniel. My head's really in the sand - first I've heard of 2Box. I see a couple other notes regarding that brand below. You mention:
      >>that you have never played one of their full kits though as I DIY all my kits from acoustic shells using Quartz parts.
      So I assume you're using their module, but then you said you have the TD-30. Can you clarify your kit a little, please?
      Thank you!

    • fulrmr(Daniel)
      fulrmr(Daniel) commented
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      Hi scottyx. After using both the TD-30 and 2Box modules side-by-side for a year... sold the TD-30. Both were used with my DIY shells with triggers built specifically for each module using Quartz Percussion parts. The trigger platform design I built for the TD-30 were direct copies of the PD-128 and functioned the same as the PD-128 that I had for comparison...using a cake pan as the "basket". The triggers for the 2Box are side mounted versions of a traditional cake pan build using quartz parts as well. I now have (2) 2Box modules on my kit. The Cake pan build design is very easy and IMHO....much easier to dial in for the 2Box than the Roland gear. That said...any traditional crossbar or "L" bracket design will work and be a bit less expensive than the pans. In fact..if you don't want to build something like this at all....pre-made Quartz harness trigger design or Wronka Easytriggers may very well be a good solution for you.

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    DIYing can be as easy as taking off a head, dropping the trigger, putting the head back on. If you can screw a head onto a shell, you can "DIY".

    Most people go the DIY route because they already have an a-kit sitting at home, or they do not like the toy-looks of smaller pads around a drum rack (I know, TD30 users will say that their kit does not look like a toy! and they are right. I am thinking of the toy looks from lower end kits, like Roland TD4, Yamaha DTX400, or KAT, ...)

    It all boils down to what your budget range is, and the looks you are looking for.

    Once you have settled those 2 questions, the options will be more manageable.
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    • scottyx
      scottyx commented
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      Thank you for your time & input! While I love anything DIY... and this sounds awesome, I have no prior acoustic kit to scavenge. Sure I can hop on CList and probably get a used base kit for really cheap... I then have to source all the individual pieces, the heads, triggers and module - and that alone sounds like a bit of a chore. I'm not terribly afraid of doing that, it's just I'm coming at it with ZERO knowledge on the topic.

      I assume there's a wealth of info out there/here on the topic, but that wealth of info is all new to me and the learning curve will take a bit of time. I'm leaning back toward a kit for that reason, but worry about really boxing myself in in terms of functionality and expandability. The whole VEX thing sounds awesome but looks limited on the TD15. Maybe a custom with a TD30 module, but I cannot forget the Box kit that others mention, gotta look at that... Ugh, my head hurts again.

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    Welcome to the forum, Scottyx!

    Regarding your points 1), 3) and 5), personally (at the price-point of the TD-15KV anyway) it can't hurt to look at a 2box kit! Huge difference in features - Awesome price-performance ratio.

    Regarding your point 4)
    Strictly speaking, I would shy away from calling it 'DIY' if you just 'drop in a trigger!'
    I would prefer to use these words:

    Originally posted by hairmetal-81 View Post
    It's probably more a case of 'research and setup' than 'hammering and welding'!
    It leaves the premium 'DIY' attribute to the ones (...you know who you are, DIY-masters!) that really pull off all the soldering, drilling, hammering (...and sewing!)
    Also, 'research and setup' sounds a little less intimidating to the beginner than 'DIY', doesn't it?


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    • scottyx
      scottyx commented
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      Thank you, Danoh! You guys have really opened up my eyes pretty quickly - this seems just like any other interest or hobby and you can go as shallow as as deep as you wish. With so many mentioning 2Box, I certainly took a look - and I think I'm starting to get it now. I'll post more asking for clarification soon, but thank you for the input

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    Hi Scottyz: my two cents is that no matter which solution you end up going with -- you're going to crave more. In fact, the more fun and "joy" you experience -- unfortunately, the higher the probability that you will feel the need to spend more to increase this fun factor. Just read these forums and you will get a sense of that (its called gas). Just keep your goals in mind and enjoy your purchase. In the event that you do feel the need to buy more -- do it if you have the money -- but don't let it distract you from enjoying what you have. That should help keep your head from popping.

    Regarding approach, there are several different reasons why the good folks here play e-kits: they're convenient when compared to an acoustic kit; they contain lots of sounds; and there is always the noise factor-- just to name a few. Me personally, I moved to an ekit because I didn't want to disturb my neighbors and ended up approaching the buying process from the frame of mind that even if I have to play quiet I wanted to replace the sounds of my acoustic kit--or as close as possible. You may have other reasons -- but whatever they are -- keep them in mind and then no matter the marketing -- your criteria will win out. And thus, you will be very satisfied.

    Finally, I have owned four e-kits: a Simmons, a Roland, a Yamaha, and a 2Box, and I was satisfied with each and everyone -- and all of them had their strengths and weakinesses. That is as objective as I can be.
    My eKit: 2Box DrumIt Five


    • scottyx
      scottyx commented
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      >> Just keep your goals in mind and enjoy your purchase.
      I'm so glad I joined and asked because before then, I had but one goal just buy a Roland kit because it's about the mesh heads... but with you guys pointing the way to other options - mainly 2Box > VST, interesting, I never thought about it - be it a small DJ type pad or a full e-drum kit - A trigger is a trigger is a trigger. I have some learning and reading to do. Thank you HL!

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    I can't ad much to this as all of the advice has been great. I can say that I do own the full 2box kit and if I had the choice again between mid range Yamaha or Roland, I'd choose 2box every time. The TD 30 would still totally tempt me, but I still think I would choose the 2box module in the end. The module is a beast, and considering the kit can be had complete for less then 3k I would say that it would be a great option for someone that doesn't want to go balls deep into vst/midi/vex etc. Sounds great out of the box. Only knock on the system is the hi hats IMO, which are not bad but not as refined and natural in feel as say the vh-13. I've also been in steady contact with the people behind 2box, and have been told a new batch of hats should contain improvements, and far as the company goes, they have been fantastic to deal with all the way. I've also heard the 2box can be annoying to deal with through midi, but I haven't made it that far so far. Either way good luck on your adventure.


    • scottyx
      scottyx commented
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      Thank you! a couple questions..
      >> I would say that it would be a great option for someone that doesn't want to go balls deep into vst/midi/vex etc.
      But you CAN do the VST and Midi thing if you want (I think the VEX is for Roland only) CORRECT?

      >> I've also been in steady contact with the people behind 2box, and have been told a new batch of hats should contain improvements
      Lots of contacts listed - who did you reach? I'd like to do the same.