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mp3 input/headphone output

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  • mp3 input/headphone output

    I'm running a new td15 module and have so far tried two different mp3 players and a laptop to input music into the module to practice with. I have bought new cables for both (mp3) input and (headphone) output, but the closest I am able to get to a full sound (drum output is ok, music output is awful; dodgy bass, partial channels non-existent) is to partially disconnect the connectors, which leaves me with unsatisfactory, incomplete sound, and cables that fall apart at the slightest movement. Is this what you pay top dollar for? I just want a drum kit that doesn't annoy the neighbours, but I'd also like stable tunes to play along to. I guess it's the module jacks and dodgy wiring, I just wanted to ask if anybody else has had similar problems, or for any suggestions on how to sort it out?

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    For me it was all in finding a good cable or adapter or even a combination of both to get it to work correctly.
    It seems that most stereo mini plug size cables / adapters are crap! If you buy three you might find one that works well.
    I was able to get it working after many tries and trips to the store. If you put the plug in and move it about and the sound changes it's crap. Try another!
    You might also try going from mini to 1/4 and back again, The 1/4 plugs are built better for some reason.
    Good luck!
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      Doesn't the TD15 module have a USB playback where you can simply stick in a USB stick directly into the module with your wags or mp3s and it will play thru the module? Or is this only on the TD30?
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        I'm with Intruder on this one, 3.5mm plug fittings quite often don't fit sockets properly. Some of my 3.5mm leads have oversized plastic flanges near the plug that prevent the cable plugging into sockets properly...assuming you've checked for this. It's a shame roland went with 3.5mm on the TD15 input. The TD30 has 1/4" sockets for everything and they are way more sturdy.

        I notice the TD15 has a 1/4" headphone out. Are you certain you're pushing the plug all the way in? I know on my module, some of the 1/4" sockets for triggers are quite tight and sometimes I could swear black and blue i've plugged the cables in but they aren't in all the way in...very obvious when you go to play, lots of false triggering.

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          As Campster and Intruder have mentioned, try good quality cables - I recommend the ones by Hosa or Neutrik.

          Happy Drumming!
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            Thanks you guys, I will try to buy some quality cables, see if that helps. The module itself is so close to new I'd be pissed if it's the connections.


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              Following on from this, I tried inputting mp3 using usb flash drive (actually I tried a few), the module didn't recognize any files. The files on the flash drives were all either WAV or MP3, which is apparently compatible, what have I done wrong?


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                Originally posted by hairmetal-81
                "NOBODY expects inappropriate features!

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                It was just a simple question. I don't think he was expecting some sort of Spanish Inquisition..

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