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    Second question of the day: The USB stick has stopped working when I put it in the TD-30 Brain. When I put it into my computer to check it, it asked me if I wanted to format the USB. It's never done this before. I reformatted it. I then added some mp3's onto the stick and popped it in my TD-30 Brain. The brain is telling me there is "No USB Memory". It's been so stable for the last year and has me stumped. Any suggestions guys?

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    Try an other USB stick - the one you've been using could have become defective (worn out flash). If nothing else, it'll rule out this possibility.


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      I think I'm facing a similar trouble.

      My problem is the following:
      since one year and half until three days ago I played my Roland TD-9 KXII even using an usb key for backing tracks. Three days ago I tried to play new backing tracks added in the same usb key, but pushing the "shift" and "song" buttons nothing happened but appearing le tracklist of the default backing tracks of the internal memory. I add that when I insert the usb pendrive the system reads it and normally checks it, but after that I cannot read the tracklist inside the pendrive. Even if I restored more times the brain to the factory presets... nothing!!
      Moreover I've changed the pendrive with another one and the results were the same and I also formatted the usb devices througTD-9 cpu first and then on a personal computer, but it still doesn't work. And one more thing: I successfully can record and delete files (such as Qrec files) on the usb pendrive and it has no problem.
      Finally all the system works well instead of the usb backing tracks list.
      Can anyone help me to find a way to let the TD-9 read and play the backing tracks list?
      Thanks drummers


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        Did the Roland modules itself have a feature to format USB sticks?
        I mean, if you have an USB-drive that you'll like to use with a certain piece of gear, it would make sense to me to format it *for* and *in* that piece of gear.

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          Thanks for your help guys. Zgeggy2k was on to it. I purchased a new high speed USB and it worked perfectly. The old USB must have been past its used by date. I was a bit stressed about this problem, you know how computers can be!! So thanks to everyone that helped me here. Awesome!!


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            Just for future readers: TD-30, 15 and 11 USB Recommendations
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