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questions on Roland TD-15KV

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  • questions on Roland TD-15KV


    I am purchasing this set in a few weeks. this is my first ever V drum set. i am looking to record basic drums for my songs with this (i am not a great drummer). i had some questions i was hoping to get some help with. thanks so much in advance

    1) My sales person says this set is better than the 15K, better drums and hi hat. for what i am doing is this a big deal? meaning do they sound better? last longer? play better?

    2) For now i just want to record direct analog (not midi) to a stereo track in cubase 7. i was thinking of running the analog L and R outs to 2 API pres and into the symphony and into the mac/cubase. is this the best way? i know i cannot edit much after but to get going is this what we are talking about? 2 cables out?

    3) down the road i would like to get into multi track recording with bleed etc

    - can this kit do that with just 2 outs?
    - if so how is this done? a friend said midi but i dont understand that lol
    - would like kick, snare, toms, OH's, toms etc on separate tracks in cubase

    4) a friend says i will want to use other programs for better sounds. i have superior drummer 2, will this work? if so how is this done?

    - personally i think the on board kits sound pretty darn good for what i will be doing

    5) is the training that comes with it pretty good? i saw this in one of the videos and would like to get better

    thanks so much for any help!

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    1) They won't sound better, the pads of the KV just feel better.

    2) Yes, two cables out if you want to use the built-in sounds. No dedicated sub-outputs on the TD-15, no Midi Input either

    3) You will have to trigger VSTi software like BFD or Superior to accomplish both mic-bleed and seperate tracks.

    4) I think the the TD-15 supports MIDI-over-USB. So you hook it up to your computer, and select the TD-15 as the midi-interface in Superiors' settings menu.

    The onboard kits sounds nice, as long as you haven't dabled with VSTi's or a 2box module.

    5) Can't comment on the training, sorry!

    Personally, seeing that the complete TD-15KV (mid-range kit) is in the same price-range as a 2box Drumit 5 (top-of-the-line kit, at a mid-range pricepoint), I'd go with the 2box, and enjoy the ability to load in my own samples and use multiple outputs!


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