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Td-4 custom settings

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  • Td-4 custom settings

    Hi all, Bought a td-4kx a few months ago, my first e-kit. Very impressed with it, but some of the kits don't sound all that great. I've had a search around the Internet, to see if there were any custom settings listed, and was very quickly led here. However, I can only seem to find a couple of custom kits posted by people, does anyone know if there is a larger resource somewhere? Cheers.

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    Welcome to the forum, hellsteeth54!

    Congrats on your new purchase!
    Going by the TD-4 manual (page 29), there really isn't much in terms of settings that you could tweak:

    For each pad you'll get
    - Volume
    - Pan
    - Tuning
    - Muffling (Decay)

    Plus you'll get....
    - Overall Volume
    - Reverb Type
    - Amount of Reverb

    ....for the whole kit in general. Again - not much to tweak there.
    You may ask Alan of VEXpressions, if they offer VEX packs for the TD-4; but given the minimal parameterization the module has, a collection of 'parameter-tweaks' is almost pointless in this case!

    If you like the control-concept of Roland's modules, you could consider upgrading to a higher-order module, like a used TD-9. It's only then, when you have the proper module you'll get to enjoy VEX packs!

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      Welcome to the forum as stated above, not much to tweak and therefore no larger database beyond what you have already found.
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