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Creating new accompaniment patterns for TD-30

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  • Creating new accompaniment patterns for TD-30

    I'd like to use the TD-30's built in synth abilities to be able to play some of loops for our band's original music. The problem I'm having is that the only mention I can find in the manual is to connect a keyboard via midi and record the midi pattern direct. This is fine apart from three things.-
    The only keyboards I have available with a midi connection is not in the studio with my drums.
    I'd rather get precise loops from the edited on my PC, this is partly because I don't always have access to my keyboard player (the musician that is) but she can send me the Sibelius files or midi files.

    At the moment the only approach I can see to get a midi file onto the Module is to hook up a laptop with DAW software and midi output and play it out that way. Surely there must be a utility somewhere to convert midi files to a format that the TD30 recognises and then load them straight on. We may end up with several loops and I'd rather transfer them as logical files if possible.

    Thanks in advance

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