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TD-8 Outputs question

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  • TD-8 Outputs question

    Hi! I will get a VCustom in the forthcoming weeks, and I have a question regarding TD-8 sound outputs:
    I know you can hear the click on the headphone output of the TD-8 and not on the direct output but can you hear the mixer input in the direct output (I know you hear it in the headphone output) ??

    (I know you can choose on the TD-10 but on the TD-8 ???)

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    Merci bien et va voter dimanche

    Thx for the information!


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      Hi All ,

      Just as a note .
      I have at times wanted a "Mix in" signal on just the headphones NOT routed to the main outs. The work round I used was to assign all the sounds to the dir outputs.

      Don't mean a thing if it ain't got that swing.