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X Stick possible with td-6 and V-club??

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  • X Stick possible with td-6 and V-club??

    I'm looking at the V-club as a second kit...

    Is it possible to trigger a Cross stick like the td-8??

    If so, what pad would give the best results??


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    PD-80r or PD-120, or DIY mesh w/rim

    Makes a great second kit!


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      Ok, another dumb question...

      are there kits (like the td-8 Pop Xstick or Jazz xstick) that already have preset crosstick settings? or do you have to program your own crosstick patch into the rig trigger??

      I already have the td-8 and use it with a combo of hart dynamics and roland pads as a second kit, but with what I have invested in it, I could have bought TWO v-club kits!!

      I played one at the local GCenter today and was very impressed..It seemed like it could everything I need it to do except for the crosstick...

      only two main outs are kind of a pain but not that big of a deal...


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        I just bought a TD-6 last week and it looks like it has all the preset kits my TD-8 has plus about 30 more.

        I am using a Pintech AX14 snare and I am getting cross sticks. Most (if not all) of the preset kits have another snare sound assigned to the "rim" of the snare. Not sure what that is all about!!!
        I'm a drummer. I don't play the timpani! Hire a percussionist!!!