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Cross Triggering on V-Session kit

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  • Cross Triggering on V-Session kit

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    Chris / Feefer...

    ...you are indeed an E-Drum / V-Drum GOD!

    <we're not worthy...we're not worthy...>

    You've just fixed it...completely.

    I've upped the threshold 'slightly' and the sensitivity for Crash 1 and the Ride, all on Trigger Bank 2...

    ...and ALL Cross triggering has vanished!

    After my original post I found that on Trigger bank 3 where only Crash 1 was x-triggering, that if I used lighter thinner sticks the problem all but went away.

    However, after reading your post, then not only am I back on Trigger Bank 2, and all x-triggering has vanished, but I think the Ride and Cymbals are playing BETTER than before and I'm back up using my heavy thick sticks.

    Thank you Chris...I owe you one.

    I can now safely say that my drums are perfect...and you've totally out-smarted Rolands UK Technical help on this one (They are the guys who sold me the 15 black end caps so I could fill my rack with sand.)