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which BBE?!

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  • which BBE?!

    Alright, I've heard all this talk about BBE. So it really makes you sound better, eh? It makes it a bit more acoustic? Just a little, or a lot. And is it enough of a difference for a person without a lot of extra money to buy?

    My outputs from my TD-10 go into 8 (4 stereo) channels on our mackie. They are mixed on my module as this:

    Main: Snare + HH
    2nd: Toms
    3rd: Cymbals
    4th: Kick

    So how many of these BBE things would i need to purchase to work in this format? Thanks guys!
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    Which BBE?

    The manufacturers self say:
    the unit I would recommend is the 482 this unit is very popular among our electronic drummers.

    And: it doesn't make the drums more acoustic. Only adds some clearity to the sound.


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      The 482 has 2 channels. 4 stereo channels requires 4 bbe's. @ ~ $180 ea, you need to spend $720.00. If it were my budget, I'd pass (and I have a 482).

      Putt's right. It doesn't make them sound more acoustic. It gives it more punch and tightens up/cleans up the sound, washes away the mud. It might sound like it adds EQ, but your run of the mill EQ isn't quite the same - at least mine isn't. Also, several have commented that it's not great for certain things. I'm not wild about using it on Cymbals. It brightens them nicely but it cuts them off too. So, I'd try one before spending that kind of dough.
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        Actually, You would only need one.

        Put it after the mackie. Vocals and everything gain performance from this box. You could also run your drum channels to a sub-out or aux and hook the bbe to that output and then bring the bbe out back into a single channel of your mackie that goes to the mains.

        The model would depend on the outputs you needed. I bought a 462 off ebay for > $100. 1/4" unbal and rca outs. The 882 is the one with bal xlr outs. It's like > $300 or so.


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          You can do it with just one, but you would have to compromise on the settings. I have a 482 and I run the snare through one channel and the bass through the other. Depending on the samples I choose, these 2 channels may call for completely different settings. Also many people don't like what the BBE does to cymbals. If you run the whole mix through the BBE, you will have to address this problem as well.
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