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Is this a good idea?

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  • Is this a good idea?

    hello. i'm going to make my own e-rubber-pads. i'm afraid the normal way isn't sensitive enough so i thought of placeing the aluminum plate above the ply wood plate (not as normal - under) and under the neoprane rubber. this way i hope the piezo would get better vibration: stright from the rubber to the aluminum and no wood to pass through.

    Is this a good idea? -ive got everything ready and its all a snug fit, but i dont wanna try it before some1 approves it...
    is the normal rubber pad sensitive enough as is?

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    I'm not sure about this. It seems to me that you're setting yourself up for a lot of problems. First off, I'm not intimately familiar with the inner workings of trigger pads, but it seems to me that placing the triggering plate under something not only dampens the vibes from other parts of your system, but protects the plate. If you have the trigger plate directly under the rubber, don't you stand the chance of denting and otherwise damaging it through sheer force of the stick? Secondly, back to the dampening effect. If you have the plate under the ribber with nothing in betwee, I'd think that would subject it to more sympathetic vibrations from all your other pads. You'd get too much of what you want, have your pads be TOO sensitive.


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      well, the idea is that the aluminum plate would sit above the wood plate. the piezo in the middle takes about 1/4 centimeter (0.1 inch or close) so the wood has a dent for the piezo to fit in it. that way the aluminum won't budge and because of the second plate + foam rubber underneath, no crosstalk.
      any second thoughts? 10x


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        If you're gonna build pads, build mesh pads!

        I have some links on my personal website about home building e-drun pads.

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          I've build a meshheadpas like the way it is shown on Beatnik's page. Works perfect! ANs I also converted my practicepad to an epad. Gleud the trigger to a cd and put it between two layers of foam. Fiddled around with the settings on my module (TD6) and voila......worked like a charm!
          DIY!!! www.mosphat.com/drumcas


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            thanks alot for the replys!
            lucky me, I have a friend (who used to play in a band with me but he got upset and kinda kicked me out even without telling me but nevermind) that has an unused REALLY dead snare, I hope that the tightening bolts are still on it... but i'm sure gonna buy a mesh head and use it as the snare.
            but still, the toms would surely be simple pads using rubber. (the cymbals too, unless someone got a nice idea about that too).

            another question: i have noticed that a pad (say the pd-7 for example) is much softer then my 5 mm neoprane plate. is the reall stuff on the pads neoprane? (and it's softer because it's behind some foam or is it beacuse it isn't neoprane?

            10x again