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Polar Switch?

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  • Polar Switch?

    While examining some of my gear, I found a switch on the PD-7 on the side underneath the pad. Not having a manual (one is coming from Roland, hopefully soon), I'm not quite sure what the function of this switch is. Thanks for the help.


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    It's a switch that will reverse the electromagnetic field of the earth


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      Yes...and it tends to be quite annoying, will you please stop doing that?
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        Sorry about that, guys. I didn't mean to mess up everything. Next time I'll let you know beforehand so as not to disturb the EM fields around your sadly sarcastic minds.


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          Sorry, I couldn't resist

          But seriously, the switch is to change the polarity. It relates to the electric pulse that is generated by the pad. Setting the switch will change positive and negative:

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            What will be the effect of doing that?
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              Roland modules expect the trigger signal to start with a negative pulse. Other modules may expect it the other way around.

              The switch make it easier to use roland pads with non-roland modules.

              According to the PD7/PD9/KD7 manual:

              "The PD7, PD9 and the KD7 are equipped with Polarity Switches which change the polarity of the trigger signal generated by hitting the PD7/PD9/KD7. Set the Polarity Switch to the position required by the trigger interface you are using. If the polarity is not correct, the sound level may be reduced or the signal delayed. Set it to the "-" position when you are using a TD5, TD10 or SPD-11. When using a TD7, either position will do"
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                everybody need reverse polarity.......n.peart
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