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Anybody with experience on Berringer Ultramizer?

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  • Anybody with experience on Berringer Ultramizer?

    I just bought one and have hooked it up once so far. I am super busy with trying to figure out setting up the vdrums to use on an outdoor 50's/60's gig, so I haven't had time to fool with it much. I ran a 1/4 line out of the TD-10's master out into the ultramizer and back into a small Kustom Pa. I wasn't impressed with the result. Surely thru peaking/tweaking the ultramizer, the sound would get better I would hope. What do you guys think of the ultramizer? Is it any good, or is it just operator error in this case? Is the BBE maximizer much better? Any tips for this upcoming gig? This will be the first time out w/ vdrums and I've got a hell of a lot to learn about equipment and sound engineering. TIA !!!

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    All the analog compressors and so on from Behringer are quit allright, but I haven't heard much good stuff about the ultramizer.

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      I've had the Ultramizer Pro for about a month. Mainly have used it as a master tool to optimize volume/headroom when completing a song master. Haven't specifically had great luck with it with my V's, but haven't spent a lot of time checking it out either. I do know that running through the presets produced A LOT of different sonic possibilities.

      I also have the BBE 482. One thing I will say is that the BBE is much easier/better at getting good sound "out of the box". The BBE only has two knobs per channel. Heck, even I can't screw that up !

      I'll keep you informed as I learn more about this animal.