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"Data Overload" - What a LOAD... of Crap!

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  • "Data Overload" - What a LOAD... of Crap!

    I've been checking around on some posts regarding the "data overload" message I have been getting. Now, I know I am not a MIDI genious, but shouldn't Roland have seen this problem in their QC (quality control). I mean, this is a $1500 module (if purchased separately) and I do NOT think it should have these types of MIDI errors. I have had the module sitting in a studio for a year without any problems. Then, MIDI man shows up and now I am getting...are you ready for this...weird burning plastic smells from the TD-10. I am using all four direct outs and I have pulled the MIDI. The problem persists and I am at a loss. Any suggestions? Why, OH WHY are electronics so damn sensitive? Don't answer that last part, it doesn't matter.

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    if you got your TD-10 connected first
    in a serial chain of many midi modules
    then this could happen.

    In that case put it last and make sure
    that you only recieve on the channels you

    // Daniel
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      Originally posted by scratchcat:
      now I am getting...are you ready for this...weird burning plastic smells from the TD-10
      Now THAT is extremely bad!!!

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        BAD... oh yes but have you heard of it before. I was thinking that running the direct outs was causing the problem, but my trial & error tests are inconclusive. That is why I turned to my VDrums amigos. Give me some ideas here, waiting for this thing to die is not a comforting thought.

        DANIEL - I am running it to and from a MIDI MAN which is running in and out from my computer which I use for sequencing & recording. I've pulled the MIDI and I still get the smell. Any other thoughts? I guess I'll have to call Roland, who knows maybe I got the ONE-IN-A-MILLION SCRATCH AND SNIFF TD-10!!!!!!!

        On a separate note, I am not that impressed with the TD-10 as a module. I get a lot of hiss, the interface could be better, especially at a price tag of $1,500. I can't wait for the next module. Any word on the TD-2000! They have to be close to releasing another model. Thanks for the posts, who knows maybe I'll have a TD-10 style paper-weight for sale soon.

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          The TD10 isn't really a midi monster, it sounds like you need a big sampler{I bought an E4XT used for $950 on Ebay} or the XV5080 to be honest.
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