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What footswitch?

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  • What footswitch?

    This is not a particulary technical question, sorry to be boring.

    I would like to order a footswitch to use (chaining kits) when playing live, but I don't know the model number. Please enlighten me.

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    FS1 - Single Footswitch
    Item Number: ROLFS1
    <a href="http://www.zzounds.com/love.music?p=p.ROLFS1&&f=3351" target="_self">Click here to buy now</a> - $24.95

    For it for you!


    Joe Wakeford - www.halfpennystudios.com

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      you will need two to go up and dowm.


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        Originally posted by cpgrossman:
        you will need two to go up and dowm.
        Not when you program a chain on the Vdrums. Then you can go from 10-12-10-39-23-10-50 and so on ...

        Happy chaining


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          I am using two FS5U from Roland. They work very nicely and by using two of them I can go up and down. You can see it at <A HREF="http://www.boismenu.net">www.boismenu.net</a>
          I can't remember how much I paid, I think it was around USD25 each -European price

          By the way, I just saw the V-custom here in Madrid at USD4100 !!! and the V-pro with only three toms and two cymbals at 5300!!!



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            Spain is an expensive country. Stop bull fighting and we lower the prices for you


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              Thanks for the help...

              I read about the Boss pedal in the manual, and it also states that you can use two pedals, but it doesn't clearly say how.

              There is only one footswitch input so I'm guessing that I use the Aux inputs, or at least one of them, with the two footswitches.

              I will definitely get one of the Boss pedals. Is two a good idea, or will I be wasting an input that could be used for something else?




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                Judster, you can connect two foot switches to the footswitch input in the TD-10.
                You have to make a Y cable and connect two mono 1/4 jack to one stereo 1/4 jack. The stereo jack goes into the TD-10 and the mono to each FS5U
                If you want I can send you a diagram.
                Hope it helps.

                p.s. Yes, puttenvr, bull fighting is something I don't like either. But if high prices in Spain are because of that, why are prices so high in England?


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                  Thanks boismenu, that's what I suspected. I will get two then, that's great news.

                  Puttenvr is from the Netherlands, he wouldn't be English with manners like that - we're far too polite.

                  Which is probably why the prices are so high here too - nobody gets angry enough to complain.


                  At least now the Internet is hear we can order from abroad and save loads of dosh. I think things will be changing soon - the global econonmy...

                  It's a very good thing. With the money I saved, I can now afford 2 footswitches!!

                  Cheers all,


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                    Originally posted by boismenu:
                    Yes, puttenvr, bull fighting is something I don't like either. But if high prices in Spain are because of that, why are prices so high in England?
                    They paid tons of money for some louzy soccer players from the Netherlands