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Roland XP-30 to DTXpress

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  • Roland XP-30 to DTXpress

    Hey all. I am in a little trouble. Having read both manuals, and searching the forum (to the best of my limited ablity), i cannot find the answer to my question.

    I want to be able to the the pads of my Yamaha DTXpress kit (all TP-60's for tom/hh, PY-60's for the cymbals, and TP-80 for snare), and for them to make the corresponding sounds on my Roland XP-30 GM kit. I have matched up the 'midi notes' ... but nothing. I have tried MidiOut from the Keyboard and MidiIn to the DTX, and then vice versa.... still nothing.

    Does anyone know what i can do?

    Cheers in advance


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    It's important that both devices use the same MIDI channel. I guess the Yamaha uses channel 10 (general for drums). Then set the XP to 10 too. Also check if the XP can recieve MIDI data. Sometimes this is set to LOCAL ON/OFF


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      I think i have done that. Well i have set a channel under the catergory heading 'Midi' to 10, to match that of the module, but still nothing. Also the 'note' for the open HH is 'b flat 2', yet no note exists on my module.



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        Two more questions:

        1. Sometimes sounds on a keyboard have a limited range, due to the fact that you can split several sounds on 1 keyboard. For instance: string from C1 to C4. Or MIDI note number 37 > 87 (it's just an example).
        When you - in this case try to trigger a sound outside this range, then it doesn't sound. Is this the case?

        2. Do you try to merge General MIDI with (old) MIDI? Perhaps this is the problem?

        Any other MIDI freaks around here who can help?


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          I had the exact same setup....yamaha dtxpress and roland xp-30....the only way I was able to get it to work was with a midi interface..at least 2 in and 2 out...

          I went midi out on the xp-30 to midi in Port One on the midi interface and vice versa....I did the same with the Dtxpress and Port 2 on the interface...

          I used the routing in the midi software..For example, if I used Cubase I set Channel 10 to operate on port 1 and port 2 of the midi interface, but I selected the xp-30 as my midi device, and set the Local Control to off in the dtxpress...the xp-30 must be in performance mode and set to part 10, and the dtxpress must be set to receive and transmit on midi channel 10...

          this is probably not the only way to get this working, but its the only way I know of...

          it might be possible to get it to work with the setup you have if you have your xp-30 set to performance mode and part 10....that way you can not only use the 2 General midi kits, but you have a lot of other good kits to use, especially the 7 kits from the Session Expansion Board...

          Good luck, hope this helps....