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Dual Zone Pads

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  • Dual Zone Pads

    How do dual zone pads like the Yamaha PCY80S cymbal pad work? The product description says they can "trigger three independent sounds, or two sounds that can be choked. So do they have 2 piezos and an fsr? Do they require 2 inputs on a roland module?
    <img src="http://www.halcyon.com/miket/images/vdrummer.gif" border=0 width="38" height="41">

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    Aaaah, I see! That makes perfect sense. Thanks!



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      How do you activate PS for the yamaha pads? I have mine set to PD-9 with scantime of 2.5 (any less and the RIM sound is unreliable) I have yet to notice the 3rd zone or PS. Maybe I'm not listening hard enough. (TD-8)


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        tried 8 A and 8RA, using the V-snare custom sample. I couldn't make any distinction. I've tried adjust the scan time from 0 up to 4.0.. nothing.. Now I know what a snare drum sounds like when you hit it near the edge, pretty dramatic difference. I should think I'd hear _something_.

        I looked in the manual. I don't see anything about filtering midi messages.