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TD 8 update - anyone else?

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  • TD 8 update - anyone else?

    I have installed the update and it seems to work - I bought a CY 12H and have used the new trigger settings for the pad - has anyone else tried this and do they have anything to say about it??

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    go here ...



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      How's the response of the CY12H? Did the update just add it in the pads to choose from? Any other changes with the update? Was the CY12H worth it compared to the PD7's?



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        Thanks Marc - that's where I found out about the update!

        Seriously though, it offers you two new trigger options as far as I can tell: they're called CY1 and CY2. With a CY 12H I have tried both trigger settings as it offers no clues as to which is for what. But pad works very nicely on CY 2 - in fact it's very lively. On CY 1 it doesn't track a press roll that well, unless you rejig it a bit. But the hi hat pad makes all the difference - no going back to those PD 7's! I wonder if Roland will let us know exactly what's with this update [will a V ride work with it??????]


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            Ahh, yes the CY 12 pad comes with a manual for what settings to use, but with no mention of the TD 8 and its V cymbal settings as I assume the manual was issued before the update. It's rather confusing. And yes I did have to play around with the settings but only to compensate for my sloppy technique!
            I'm not sue I am the one to enlighten you as Roland have issued the update but no info about it.


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              Hi All, can you please tell me if this update is a Roland brand update, or made from a different source.
              Also, how can I install this update?

              Thanks, Rick C...
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                Originally posted by Harlock:
                It would have been nice of Roland to have this japanese page translated
                Try the translation from babelfish


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                  Originally posted by Pleiadian:
                  Try the translation from babelfish
                  That didn't really help


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                    Say, Pleidian, any chance of TD M8 ending up W2K friendly? I emailed a while back about how it didn't work with W2K and I'm itching to have such an application....


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                      I haven't worked on TDM8 for over 6 months. And at the moment I'm not sure if I will ever continue, since I'm pretty busy.

                      *IF* I ever pick it up again, making it work under any Windows version is priority #1.



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                        thanks rob - an answer that's to the point, but there you go!


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                          Someone who has successfully loaded the update with a PC (not mac):

                          One user's update file only contained P00001.mid thru P00018.mid, and P00032.mid. He claimed 19 - 31 were missing and made his module unoperable. This is the update I downloaded. Is that what you used also?

                          (It's worth it now just to save the click settings)


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                            I recently e-mail Roland support here in Canada and the following is the reply re: the upgrade..


                            The latest version 1.10 adds the ability to use the Roland V-Cymbals as
                            well as a number of bug fixes. To see what version your TD-8 is do the

                            1) Hold down [F1],[F2],[F3] and turn on the power. Keep these button
                            pressed until the panel LED lights briefly.
                            2) Press [CLICK] then [RIM]
                            3) Press [F1] for the Flash memory version and [F2] for the CPU version.
                            4) Turn the power off when you are done.

                            Please contact me if you have further questions.

                            Tony Harder
                            Roland Canada Music
                            Technical Service / Product Support
                            Phone : (604) 270-6626 ext 104
                            Fax : (604) 270-6552
                            Email : [email protected] www.roland.ca


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                              I tried the update. After restarting I got the message: "Backup NG, press F3 to reset factory defaults"

                              Is this ok? It does report version 1.10.