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Help me out here...

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  • Help me out here...

    So last week, I break my kit down, head on up to the ex-girlfriends house (she just got a new Roland keyboard), play some music, have a good time...

    I get back home, set up my kit, and suddenly I have this completely obnoxious flange effect on my HiHat. This happens on every kit, but just the hihat pad.

    As if that's not enough to make me want to lose my mind, I'm getting some really lame crosstalk on all my toms also.

    Now...I guess I'm willing to accept that maybe I've modified some setting by accident, but I don't think so.
    The only thing I've done differently lately is to wrap all my wires up in the wire wrap I got from Arriguy.
    I've postulated that perhaps the wires, now bunched up and close to each other, were causing some odd flange effect. I pulled the wire out to test...same thing.

    I haven't disregarded this bunched-up wire thing as a possible reason for the crosstalk, but I haven't pulled the wires out and tested it (I will). Honestly, for right now, it's this flangey HiHat thing that I need taken care of. The crosstalk I can work around for the time being.

    Now, I remember when I was doing some MIDI recording, I hit a setting that added a flange effect to my drums, but I don't remember what it was.

    I did a search, but I'm not sure what to search for. I searched for flange and hihat but didn't get anything like what I'm talking about.

    So anyway, if anyone has any ideas, I'd be more than appreciative. Thanks


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    How many times have you broken down your set, moved it and set up again?



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      A number of times. Not recently as much, but I used to do it all the time. Why?



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        I take it you don't have a backup; sysex dump to PC, memory card, etc? That might eliminate the setting change question. Maybe reinitializing 1 kit? I'd be surprised if the wires were the cause.
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          Definitely not the wires.

          Maybe when you were working with MIDI, some changes were made or not saved, or saved and you are playing back with the saved effects. Try to retrace your steps. It does not sound like it would be to Roland that is the cause.



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            I agree with Feefer here, sounds like a loop. Have you tried just removing the midi cables and playing the kit?


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              Yeah, there aren't any midi cables connected to the kit. I was doing that for a while, but I haven't had that set up for a little while.
              I thought it might be local control, but I figured if there were no MIDI wires than it wouldn't matter. It's also only on one drum pad, which is odd.

              I'll go now and try those ideas out. I don't remember making any changes to any of the settings, but I'll look.

              Feef, it would be working out fine, as I'm not one to get into domestic fights and the like. I am, however, a control freik that has problems with jealousy and who doesn't trust anyone.
              Women hate that.
              I'm trying, though. I really am...



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                Is the audio output of your set connected to your computer? I have experienced flange-like artifacts in this situation.

                This happens when the input is active for both playback and recording.



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                  Well, it ended up being the masktime.
                  For some reason, the rim of my hihat was set to

                  Masktime: 0

                  So I bumped it up to 12 and the problem went away, but not before exausting every other possibility. I'll be honest with you, Masktime isn't something I generally mess around with. I'm a little curious how that one pad had it's rim setting changed. I know I certainly didn't do it deliberately.

                  I don't really even know what it does, but I'll tell ya, as a test I turned it to "0" on my tom 1 pad....What the he| | was THAT? Totally messed up my sound.

                  Thanks to everyone, I tried every idea posted here twice, until I realized it was just the rim.
                  Sometimes it would happen...sometimes not...I thought I was going to lose my mind.

                  Thanks again.



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                    Hey thanks guys, I had a similar problem with my kick flanging. I thought it had to do with the MIDI settings but turning up the masktime did the trick. Go go gadget search function!!!

                    Thanks Again!

                    Ryan http://www.evolbeats.com


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                      I would have to say that your scan-re-flux-noggin setting is set to low or your dizcom maximizer needs to be recalibrated. You might have a little nitrogen leak in your main transmission bus. But, most likely you have a renal power failure: if you re-route some DC (not AC) power through main engineering you should be just fine.
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