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Footswitch question

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  • Footswitch question

    On my TD 7 I could hit a foot switch and go into record mode. Hitting it again caused it to loop what I just played & let me play along. A third press whould allow me to add new stuff to the loop. Can the TD10 do this? I can only get the foot switch to cycle through the patches.


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    This is *sort of* related, but there is a guitarist Phil Keaggy, who does this while playing live... Plays a rythm part, samples and loops it, then plays lead over it... Very cool to see, and would be very cool to do with Vs if it turns out to be possible.

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      You seem to be in love with that little angry \oo/_ red-man _\oo/ RUS. ha ha


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        It's really easy on my drumkat but not sure about the TD10.

        Guitarists just need a digital delay for that. It's easy to do that way. But the TD7 does it with Midi.

        I once saw Jaco Pastorious lay down the chords for Purple Haze and then solo over it - he was the only guy who could pull of Hendrix on a bass :-)